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There are few things more nasty than the smell of stale cigarette smoke. If you want to get an additional fee or be “fined” go ahead and smoke. But remember: Smoking can be hazardous to your health and it can can be hazardous to your bank account if you smoke in a vacation rental.
I’ve been known to have a cigarette or two and a cigar now and again on vacation. However, when that happens I only do it if it’s okay with the vacation rental owner or agent and I never do it inside. That’s stupid.
Vacation rental owners don’t like it when someone smokes in their house; I don’t blame them at all. If you think about it, even if you are a smoker, take a moment to remember the last time you went into a room where a smoker was previous to you… IT STINKS!
Many owners are writing in “Smoking Fees” or “Smoking Fines” into their contracts. It only makes sense. As long as it is written in the contract that you can’t smoke and you do so anyway, you are doing so at
your own financial peril.
Some owners are even charging per butt they pick up on the property.
If you smoke you are probably not aware of the stench that comes with it. Kind of like pig farmer not knowing that his nickname around town is “B.O. Plenty.” You’re probably so accustomed to your own “odor” that you don’t notice it. Well… I’m sure you’re not stunned by hearing someone say that it is rather mal-odorous.
If you’re a smoker you have to be sensitive to things that you otherwise wouldn’t be at home. Stuff like the residual odor that is on your clothes. It’s there and it stays there for a long time. It will waft up into the nostrils of any non-smoker when they open a closet door. They’ll smell it quicker than a hound dog on a prison escapee.
If you are allowed to smoke on the property your clothes may indicate that you were smoking inside the property even if you hadn’t. I must tell you that you should probably keep the smoking jacket hanging somewhere other than inside the vacation rental.
But, with all that being said, I have to say there really are fewer joys in life than sitting on the lanai or balcony watching the sunset with a fine glass of wine, some great conversation, a little Gypsy Kings playing, and the smell of a hand rolled Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature dancing upon the salt splashed air!
What do you think? Comment here!
And remember to get your free copy of Chapter 4 of The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals by entering your email address and clicking Sign Up Now!
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This topic has caused an unbelievable amount of discussions around the net.  Apparently my position of “cleaning up after yourself” has a number of VR owners more than a little miffed at me.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I’m not talking about a spring cleaning project on your vacation.  I’m talking about following the instructions left for you by the owner/agent.  Some instructions can be as easy as: “Hang your bath towels on the rods. Take out the kitchen garbage. Lock the door.”

If there aren’t any instructions then just be reasonable and clean up after yourself as you would in your own home.  In many cases it is just as easy to leave a vacation rental clean as it is a typical hotel room.

I’ve only once REPEAT… ONCE encountered what I would describe as an unreasonable check out to-do list and wrote about it here:  Let me further clarify this point in saying that this particular owner was nuts.

Otherwise the check out lists we’ve encountered have been super easy and since we clean up as we go the requests are done with no further attention necessary.  I think this is more the norm.

The reason I say that we, as renters, should clean up a vacation rental before we leave is, frankly, because we should.  One reason is for our own online reputation as a renter.  If the VR was great, the owner/agent interaction was perfect and the overall experience was beyond expectations then our written, and hopefully posted to a website, review will reflect the experience.  The written review is then a referencable item we can refer future VR owners/agents to during our next reservation process.

Another reason to leave it tidy is in case you want to re-rent the same property in the future.

The final reason is, well, money.  Leave it the way you found it and you’re well on your way to getting your deposit back effortlessly.

Remember to get your complimentary copy of Chapter 4 of The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals.  This particular chapter focuses on what you should do when you arrive at the rental property.

Make some (tidy) trails!


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Getting locked out of your vacation rental can be a drag, not only for you but the owner/agent as well. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening, so, expect the best, but prepare for the worst and here’s how.

During the process of getting your contract finalized with the vacation rental owner or agent, make sure you get the following information: If the house is accessed only via a keypad, get the code before you get to the house. Put the code into your cell phone and at least one other person’s in your party. Ask if there is a spare key somewhere on the property. Once you get to the property, find the spare key.

Make sure, absolutely, that you have a way to get in touch with the owner/agent 24/7 on your stay. One phone number doesn’t cut it. Get two or more if you can.

That’s it! Sorry for the brief post, but it’s that easy to solve this problem before it comes up! If I’m overlooking something please post here and let me know!

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Remember to download Chapter 4 of The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals for free. Just enter your email address and click Sign Up Now!

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I’ve been reading reviews around the web on vacation rentals.  Repeatedly, the listing related to those reviews and their guest comments are old.  And you may have guessed by now, the reviews on the listing are great but the reviews elsewhere aren’t.

Here’s an example:

You’ll see the comments are over two years old.  The bad review site said, among other things: “this is the filthiest place we have ever encountered.”

So here’s the learning point: if you are solely basing your decision on reviews on the listing site itself (which is a stupid idea,) make sure the reviews are current.

A site with old reviews can say a lot about the owner or management company.  There are a lot of third party review sites for vacation rentals out there.  I’ll write a post about them soon.

I write extensively about guest comments in The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals.  Go here to get your free copy of Chapter 4: What To Do When You Arrive At Your Vacation Rental.  Based on the feedback we’ve received, it’s the most important chapter in the book.

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Way Cool Vacation Rental Costing Tool

I have no idea how long this tool has been up on but it’s there and IT ROCKS!

What is it?

It’s a costing tool, (my words, not theirs) that helps you calculate “Which stretches your travel budget farther” Vacation Rentals or hotels?

Here’s how it works.

You enter the city you are interested in.  Actually just the first few letters and the Tripadvisor website will start to populate cities for you.

You choose number of adults and kids.  Then choose number of nights.

Then, and here’s the cool part, you tell it where you are going to eat.  Here are the options
We’ll eat some meals out.
We’ll eat out all of the time.
We’ll cook for ourselves.

Then click “Compare and Save” and it then gives you an estimate of lodging and meals cost, sums them, then does the math.  And shows you how much you save with a VR.

According to TA: *Estimates represent total cost for your party based on average lodging and meal costs in the selected destination. Additional taxes, fees and tips may apply.

So how cool is that huh!  At the moment I have no idea how they crunch the numbers, I’ll do some checking around and report back.  If you know how they do it, please, post here!

But THAT is one awesome tool!  USE IT!

And remember, the first thing you need to do is download a copy of chapter four of The Vacationers Guide To Vacation Rentals and then buy the full blown copy for your vacation planning, executing and following up.

Here’s the TripAdvisor tool.

After you figure out where you want to go and if you’re going to save money by renting a vacation rental, go here to choose one:
HomeAway is the vacation rental network with over 115,000 listings

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