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Tell me I’m wrong: When you’re looking for a vacation rental you’re not interested in seeing pictures of pelicans flying or a deer standing in a mountain meadow; you wanna see pictures of inside of the vacation rental, right?  So when a vacation rental owner posts non-relevant pictures I get suspicious.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m a big fan of deer and pelicans and sunsets and furry puppies and for that matter, a rippin’ guitar solo… but that has nothing to do with our vacations.  Same idea; irrelevant… don’t write about it.  So, back to the picture thing and why it’s important…

In my humble opinion, far too many vacation rental property owners show far too many irrelevant pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with the rental property.  I’m not talking about “the view” picture.  “The view” pictures are sometimes the most important pictures.  But they better be taken from the porch, or deck or balcony of the vacation rental or they are worthless.

It’s amazing how, in today’s hyper-competitive vacation rental industry, there are owners who show images of stuff that you and I could care less about.


I was reviewing a post this morning where the renter was upset with the owner because the vacation rental was Significantly Not As Described… a SNAD.

When the renter showed up there wasn’t a pool or a jacuzzi as the description of the property said there would be.  The url of the vacation rental listing was in the post so I clicked through.

When I got to the vacation rental page the first thing that caught my attention was a picture of two boats on the water! WHATHU?  It was obvious that the picture wasn’t taken from inside of the vacation rental.  So why show it?

As I looked at the other pictures I found the angles of the shots to be odd and, even curiouser… all of the blinds were closed.  Hmm.. two of the five pictures had nothing to do with the specific vacation rental.  So tell me, why, when space is limited, and the market is so competitive, would someone have 40% of their pictures be of @#$% that doesn’t matter?  BIG RED FLAG.

The post went on to talk about how the place was filthy and run down and the furniture was way out of date except for the dining room and two pieces of furniture in the TV room.  Guess what?  The three pictures of the inside of the vacation rental were of the dining room and the TV room… two of the TV room at different angles.

Bottom line: when you see a vacation rental listing on the internet where the pictures have nothing to do with the property itself you may want to either move on to another listing or, at the very least, get your guard up even higher.

How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?  We know how and it’s free and easy to use.  It’s a two step strategy.

We have developed a series of proven, time-tested strategies and tactics you can use to help you through the vacation rental process.  The before, during, and after strategies based upon 10 years of practical experience in renting vacation rentals and having unbelievable vacations.

The answer to the question above is in this course.  The course, The Vacation Renters Guide.  What to do Before, During, and After You Rent a Vacation Rental will be available March first.


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