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I think one of the reasons why vacation rentals have not caught on as rapidly as many would have thought, is there are too many choices and we don’t have enough time to make what we think is a great decision.

We want to follow through on the idea to rent a nice house, with certain amenities, in a certain area, for a certain amount of time.  Then, within a reasonable amount of time, see what vacation rentals are available, reserve a vacation rental, get a confirmation email and get back to work.

Sad to say this isn’t happening right now with vacation rentals.

The sooner the industry figures out how to quicken this process the better it will be and the renter (you and I) will reap the benefits.

So as we wait for (push) the industry, hopefully, can make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

Tell me how you would make the process of renting faster and easier.

More to come.

Make some trails!

Terry Gronenthal

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