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As I scroll through countless questions related to the vacation rental world one of the most common questions is that of safety.  Not the greatest of things to talk about, but it is what it is.  Crime, like (most) taxes, never takes a vacation.  But I found two cool sites to educate you. and  If you know of others please tell me; I’m not married to these, heck, we’re not even dating, but you never know, good ole might just get lucky. 😉

The resource gives you the ability to drill down from city to neighborhood.  The search begins at by entering the city you are going to then drilling down.

In the “Learn” section click on “crime.”   At the time of writing this the map isn’t showing up (it usually does) but it does say the area I’m searching for vacation rentals, Clearwater, Florida, has a low instance of both “violent” and “property” crime.  Good to know.

On the starting point is by state.  So click on the state name, then begin the drill down.  It breaks out Crime Maps, Statistics, and Local Reports.  Click on the city you are interested in, then a map comes up showing the city. In this example, Las Vegas, Nevada.  You can move the map and drill down to the street address.  Below the map there is a historical list of crimes.

One of the cool things about is their “Alerts.”  You can sign up for a free account and put in an address and it will either email your or send a text message to your cell phone with reports on a once a day basis.

If I’m renting in a major metropolitan area I use one or both of these services.  If I’m out in the sticks, forget about it; but that’s just me; use it as you will.  The process is about 10 minutes total and when you’re done with the vacation you can reset the addresses to be your home address.

Mighty “Make Some Trails Props” to and for these services.

More to come.

Keep an eye out for The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals; What to do Before, During, and After You Rent a Vacation Rental.

Make Some Trails!


Terry Gronenthal

p.s. Tell your friends to stop and tell them I’m a swell guy!

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