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Sometimes, and hopefully this is one of those times, it’s better to know who a person “isn’t” before knowing who one “is.”  Make sense?  Hope so…


I am NOT a property owner who has vacation rental property.
I am NOT employed by any property managment company.  I may interview people from property management companies from time to time for your benefit though.

I may know vacation rental property owners and, in the future, I do have plans to own a vacation rental property; but for the moment I’m just a periodic vacation rental “renter.”

Now, who am I?

I am just a married guy who has an interest in making the most out of his family vacations.  I have three kids who take up much more room than the typical hotel offers. 

We have used vacation rental properties in over 25% of the lower 48 states and our experiences have crossed the spectrum of enjoyment! 

It is my expectation to provide you with some “experiential” and inferential guidance you can use to make the most out of your next and all of your future vacations.

Thanks and you can always reach me at this blog or at:

Make some trails!


Terry Gronenthal

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  1. Lyndon Wagganer
    June 17, 2010 at 4:41 am

    I would always look at the overall picture when it comes to buying or renting any property.

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