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I’ve been reading reviews around the web on vacation rentals.  Repeatedly, the listing related to those reviews and their guest comments are old.  And you may have guessed by now, the reviews on the listing are great but the reviews elsewhere aren’t.

Here’s an example:

You’ll see the comments are over two years old.  The bad review site said, among other things: “this is the filthiest place we have ever encountered.”

So here’s the learning point: if you are solely basing your decision on reviews on the listing site itself (which is a stupid idea,) make sure the reviews are current.

A site with old reviews can say a lot about the owner or management company.  There are a lot of third party review sites for vacation rentals out there.  I’ll write a post about them soon.

I write extensively about guest comments in The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals.  Go here to get your free copy of Chapter 4: What To Do When You Arrive At Your Vacation Rental.  Based on the feedback we’ve received, it’s the most important chapter in the book.

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