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Staying in a Vacation Rental for the Holidays

Today is October 12, 2009.  There are exactly 42 days until the week of Thanksgiving and 70 days until the week of Christmas.  Make your holiday vacation plans as soon as possible.

I am part of several online groups and forums dedicated to vacation rentals and it is becoming quite apparent that the pickins for the holidays are already getting taken.

In times like these, a friend of mine from Texas likes to say: “you gotta get to where the gettin’s gonna get got.”  So start your planning early.  The clock is ticking.  Especially for beach vacation rentals, Orlando vacation rentals, ski vacation rentals and Las Vegas vacation rentals.

And remember that you can get a complimentary copy of chapter four of The Vacationers Guide to Vacation Rentals at  The chapter is the most commented upon and well received of all the contents in the book.  You’re not going to believe what I give away!

Make some trails!


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