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In this world of instant gratification and communication it’s a wonder why guests at vacation rentals don’t communicate better with the owners. Here’s how to make sure everyone involved in your upcoming stay remains “in the loop.”

The best way to make sure your upcoming vacation stay as a guest in a rental property is set up properly, is to communicate with the owner/agent from the start.

Tip #1: After you have made the decision to stay at a certain property, store the owner/agent’s telephone number in your cell phone.

By having their phone number in your cell phone you’ll get the dual benefit of knowing who iscalling you and be able to call them very quickly. Simple tip, but too often not done by most guests and they are scrambling to find the number in a stressful moment.

Tip #2: Know what time you can check in and check out.

Just like any other lodging business, a vacation rental has to be cleaned and prepped prior to your arrival. The property will have set check in and check out times. Know when that time is and put it on your appointment calendar.

Tip #3: If you are running late for your check in, let the owner/agent know.

Recognize that while you may be on vacation, this is a business to the owner and agent. In many cases they need to let you in to the property personally. If you are expected to be on property at a certain time but are running late let them know.

Additionally, if you communicate clearly, you may learn that the property is ready for you hours before standard check in time and you can check in early.

Tip #4: Get to know your texting function on your phone.

Ask the person handling the property for you if they use text messaging. Even if you don’t know how to do it there is probably someone in your party who does. Text messaging is rapidly becoming one of the preferred methods of communication. You can easily and quickly relay and receive communications via text messaging.

Tip #5: Over communicate.

Surprises on vacation are rarely good. To eliminate these surprises, over communicate. Let them know when you are going to be there and when you are going to leave. Understand exactly what your responsibilities are and meet them.

In the end, communicating with the property principals in a professional and clear manner help everyone enjoy their vacation and business transaction more. As in all relationships, business or personal, communication is key.

Tell them your schedule, communicate via email and text messaging and over communicate.

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