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Today, in a press release, gave the results of their year long vacation rental study.  Among other things, the results show that the lowest occupancy rate month was September and the highest was February.

As to where the rentals were used the most:  “Waikiki had the highest occupancy in the state at 66%, followed closely by Poipu, Kihei and East Oahu (Waimanalo and Kailua) at 65%. The two poorest performing regions were Kapalua with a rate of 46% and the Big Island’s Kohala coast and Puna regions, both averaging 49%.”

You can see the entire report here.

What this tells me is two crucial things… if you are going to go to Hawaii in February expect large
crowds (uh… duh!) so plan ahead.  And two, do your research as you may find deals in the less-
visited areas in the off season.

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Make some trails!

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