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People post their complaints about their bad vacation rental experiences all over the internet.  Below are a few paraphrased lines from some of the complaints and the dollar amount of what I call the Vacation Renter Penalty.

Without fail, I believe, each and everyone of these incidents listed below could have been avoided.

“I gave a deposit for a 5/3 vacation rental and when I showed up it was a 3/1…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $625.01

“When we got to the vacation rental it was in foreclosure and we were told we could not enter…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $1200.01

“We were charged to fix a leak in the bathroom…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $90.01

“We had to pay to have the service company come out…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $150.01

“When we arrived the place was filthy…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $?

“The listing said it was a villa.  When we showed up it was a ‘cando’ (mobile home)…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $550.01

“I am not able to say anything further as there is a court case in process…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $FILL IN THE BLANK!!!

“I told the listing agent I was too busy to read the contract but I sent them my money anyway…”
Vacation Renter Penalty: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Editorial note on this one… Uh, how do you spell stoopid?

These are written by (apparently) well educated, probably well compensated, and otherwise savvy people.  For some reason the allure of the image on the screen and “the pitch” can suspend reason.  The result: the Vacation Renter Penalty.  You may even call it a Vacation Renter Stupid Tax.

This is not an indictment of neither the renter nor the property owner.  I am only reporting what I have read.

Nevertheless, stick with us and we’ll help you walk through proven vacation rental strategies and tactics on how to make your next (and all of your future vacations) Vacation Renter Penalty Free!

Make some trails.


p.s.  Don’t even try to find these on the internet; I’ve changed them so much that you won’t.  They are real though and the dollar amounts have been changed by only a buck or two.

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